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The goal of continuation bets

The goal of continuation betsThe goal of continuation bets is to maximize the expected value of the hand and what this means is often betting more and sometimes even betting larger than the value of the pot. One of the most important things to consider is that the continuation bets should be similar size for similar situations. For the flop, your goal should be to keep your hand hidden from the opponents for longer. This would make your opponents misread more and you would get better advantage. Read more »

How to get Poker Bonus?

PokerIn the last few years, the way online poker games have garnered popularity is simply amazing. Each and every day, millions of people play poker games online throughout the world. And, hundreds of new players sign up with the numerous poker sites available around. Yes, at present, there is no dearth of online poker rooms that offer Read more »

Stud Poker

Stud PokerStud Poker started the convention to name the rounds after that particular round begins depending on how many cards the players would hold. For example, when the players hold three cards in their hands the round can be named as third street. The final round is called as the “river” or in layman language “end”. This is independent to the number of rounds or the number of cards held by the players. Read more »

Omaha Hi/Lo

Bankroll proOmaha Hi/Lo is one of the great online poker games. This is based on the rules for holdem but the aim is to get both the lowest and highest value cards at the showdown:

  • Players are dealt four hole cards to start the game.  Throughout the following rounds five community cards are placed face up on the table for players to share.
  • At the final round of this poker game you need to make winning hands from your cards. You use two of the hole cards and three from the board to make the highest hand and then another two card/three card combination to make your lowest hand as well. Read more »

The best way to play

The most striking difference between full ring and short-handed, of course, that there are always ten to twelve players at full ring poker sitting at a table. When Short Handed Poker, however, only a maximum of six players are seated at a table which has far-reaching consequences for their poker game and all the players at the table. Since they obviously have to pay the blinds more often, they have to play more hands to compensate for this fact and still Read more »

Turbo Sit and Go

A nine player sit and go tournament is the most commonly played poker tournament on sites like FullTiltPoker.comand the turbo version means that the blinds increase every five minutes. Playing the turbo version makes the game run a lot faster and you will be able to play more tournaments then if you we’re to play regular nine player sit and go tournaments. Read more »

Professional Poker

Professional PokerAnother key poker professional is Amarillo Slim who grew up in Arkansas. He has been on the poker scene for several decades, but made a name for himself when he won the 1972 World Series of Poker Main Event. He is quite a character and has appeared on numerous talk shows such as Good Morning America and The Tonight Show. He has won millions of dollars in his poker career, and is seen as one of the key people poker professionals that helped shape the modern popularity of the game today. Read more »

Strip Poker: The Most Exciting And Rewarding Game?

Strip Poker: The Most Exciting And Rewarding Game?Poker is one of the most popular games played today, and there are numerous variations on the game – but none are more risqué than the strip poker game. The general idea of the strip poker game is similar to that of traditional poker but if a player loses a hand they must remove an item of clothing. There is no set variation of poker that can be played with strip poker, but it is usually just a simple variation with only a few betting rounds such as a five-card draw. Read more »

Welcome to – Poker On The Web

Welcome to - Poker On The WebThe internet is one of the most significant technological changes to modern day life, and almost every person in the developed world has access to the internet. These days practically everything can be done online, from grocery shopping through to weight watcher diets – anything is possible! In the last few years the game of poker has been a huge hit around the world, and more and more people are playing it in various forms. The internet did not skip poker on it’s list of possibilities either. The world of online poker is bigger and better than ever, and millions of people across the globe are logging on to try their luck every single day. Read more »

Player profile of Erik Seidel

Player profile of Erik SeidelErik Seidel is a poker player who turned professional in the year 1990. Much have been written and published about the modest of this player. Erik Seidel is one of the very few poker players who have won World Series of Poker Bracelets (WSOP) multiple times. He has won over seven WSOP title out oh which he stands the record of winning the title for three consecutive years. Read more »

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