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Omaha Hi/Lo

Bankroll proOmaha Hi/Lo is one of the great online poker games. This is based on the rules for holdem but the aim is to get both the lowest and highest value cards at the showdown:

  • Players are dealt four hole cards to start the game.  Throughout the following rounds five community cards are placed face up on the table for players to share.
  • At the final round of this poker game you need to make winning hands from your cards. You use two of the hole cards and three from the board to make the highest hand and then another two card/three card combination to make your lowest hand as well.


7 Card Stud

If you want to play more challenging poker games online then you should try 7 card stud.  This is a more complex version of poker that can also be very rewarding.  Make sure you understand the rules before you start playing this poker game as it is not easy to pick up as you go along.

  • In online poker games of 7 card stud there are no community cards.  Instead players are dealt with three hole cards. Then in each betting round a door card is placed next to the players face up.  When four cards are dealt the player must use these in combination with the hole cards to make up a winning hand.
  • An interesting difference to 7 card stud poker game is that the betting at the start of the game is determined by the first door card.  The player with the lowest card (by rank and suit) must start the betting by posting the ‘bring in’.
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