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Stud Poker

Stud PokerStud Poker started the convention to name the rounds after that particular round begins depending on how many cards the players would hold. For example, when the players hold three cards in their hands the round can be named as third street. The final round is called as the “river” or in layman language “end”. This is independent to the number of rounds or the number of cards held by the players.
The first round of betting is started by the player with the lowest rank according to the list of ranked suite. The ranking of this suite are from the highest : Spades, Hearts, diamonds, Clubs. If there is any sort of a tie between two players, simply the player who was dealt the card first takes the stand.
There are some ethics followed by this game, such as if while dealing the player sees the card coming to him by mistake, he should reject the usage of that card and not change his bet accordingly.
The Stud Poker itself has various variants to this game such as Six- card stud, Razz, Mississippi Stud, Mexican Stud.

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