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The goal of continuation bets

The goal of continuation betsThe goal of continuation bets is to maximize the expected value of the hand and what this means is often betting more and sometimes even betting larger than the value of the pot. One of the most important things to consider is that the continuation bets should be similar size for similar situations. For the flop, your goal should be to keep your hand hidden from the opponents for longer. This would make your opponents misread more and you would get better advantage.
Some of the things that you should think about when making continuation bets is flop texture. The larger bets would be for the wetter boards and the smaller bets would be for the drier boards. You would want to change your bet accordingly. The stack size is also an important factor to consider, your own stack as well as your opponents. It would be your goal to have the option to bet flop, turn and then river if you are a preflop raiser, whether you are value betting or bluffing for your entire stack. You would want to have the option to size the river bets and keep them larger than the stacks of the opponents.

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