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Review of Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker offers a new player first deposit bonus. This bonus is matched at 100% up to $600. After this first bonus, throughout the year, there are further bonuses. Players can also get a bonus by referring friends to the site. Once the referred player makes their deposit they have completed the steps to get the bonus for the player that referred them. Players would be wise to read the withdrawal rules related to bonuses on this site or any site they open an account with. This site does welcome USA players and there are no restrictions at this time.

Poker Play

This site has some of the big name professional players playing in a No Limit high stakes poker game. Some of the pots have been over $330,000 or more and that is not small potatoes. Not only are high rollers welcome here, but average Joe's are welcomed too. The player count on this site is massive, which means full games that stay filled with little game breakdowns due to lack of players

The poker games cover a wide range of games from limit Holdem or tournament Holdem to Omaha Hi or Hi Low to Razz to Seven Card Stud. The limits start as low as 5 cents/10 cents to much higher and the No Limit buy in depends on the game. Tournament entry fees are set based on the prize that is offered. They start small and go up depending on the guaranteed payoff to the winner. Basically on this site there is a game that is in the comfort level of almost any player. This is a poker site and it is all about poker at different levels. The higher the level of the game the better the players, so those games are not for the novices. Good players do not make very many mistakes in a poker session. Solid play is what wins, although there will always be miracle river draws. The site does offer the players an out from abusive actions by players which can be reported as classless play. The knuckleheads that do those improper acts will be dealt with by the site.

The games come in a variety of wagering levels and buy ins. The same can be said for the poker tournaments. Players can easily find a game that fits their comfort level. The weekend specials can be like satellite games for WSOP tournaments to games with a prize that is heavy but the cost to play is very small. The site is easy to navigate on which allows players to quickly find what they are looking for.

Customer Support

Customer support is supported by a knowledgeable staff via phone, email or Live Chat. If the question needs to be researched, the support person will try to do it immediately or get back to you with an answer. This support service is important to players and is a sign of the managements commitment to its online players and their concerns.


Full Tilt has a lot going for it and can easily be recommended to a poker player looking for a place to play. The game selection is more than adequate. A player looking for a game will find a game at a level they wish to play. The types of poker games include the most popular that are online at this time. For most players this site will meet their poker needs. Deposits and withdrawals are easy to do and normally hassle free. Come to the site, register an account, fund the account and stay and play a while.

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