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Review of 888 Poker

Review of 888 gaming group includes casinos and bingo sites as well as 888 Poker. The matching bonus on a new players first deposit is an instant 25% of the first deposit with another 75% available on future deposits. The total bonuses are capped at $400. These are the only restrictions on deposits other than the cap for a new player. The gaming reputation of this group makes any site associated with it have immediate creditability. This alleviates any financial worries about 888 Poker and players can concentrate on the games. Site image is important these days with so many sites popping up out of no where.

Poker Play

888 Poler schedules their games and tournaments for the week. The list covers a wide range of cash games and tournaments. The cash games will Holdem or Omaha as these games are the most popular on the Net. The games will have buy ins, wagering limits and betting that are fair to all players. Tournaments are the same except there will be some with extraordinary prizes. The entry fees will be set with the prizes of the tournaments in mind. These tournaments will provide the prospective tournament player with choices that will make for better chances of success. For this reason some of the games will have small entry fees. Some of them will have higher fees as the prize level is bigger. As tournaments grew to be as popular as they are, the poker craze continued to be fed by players willing to play. For those that are not afraid of lots of action the site offers No Limit games with restricted buy ins. These games are not the top games online, but they do allow for action for those that are willing to bet.

The limit games offered are at levels that a player needs to play at to be at ease. There are many limit games that will meet a players choice and give them a chance to win. This is critical to a successful poker room. The other element of success is the poker crowd. The more players the better. This is a poker site truism.

Customer Support

Customers always have questions. This service is resolves potential problems. The support is available by email or FAX. Players are taken care of by the staff and the answers are timely. Not all questions can be answered immediately as they may take a research to be answered correctly. The staff tries to get the answer as soon as possible. Questions about deposits and withdrawals are common and can usually be answered quickly.


This poker room is part of the group While this is important, the real winner at any poker site is the games that are featured and the number of players that are willing to play. At 888 Poker the site is doing alright as the player count is steady and growing in number. They feature interesting promotions each week. It is this diversity that makes any site solid like 888 Poker. Register as a player and fund an account to give the site a try. That is all there is to playing at 888 Poker except the player furnishes the skill or luck to win. Most sites have a list of top winners lately in tournaments or even side games if they are available to the player. 888 Poker tries to feature games that are likey to be successful with the players and are likely to meet the needs of the online poker player. Not all games meet this criteria and will not survive long on any poker site.

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