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Review of Poker Stars

Review of Poker StarsBefore the US changed the use of credit cards to fund gaming accounts, Poker Stars was one of the largest online poker sites. Poker Stars still has a huge number of players and an amazing list of games. The site is about ten to twenty times the size of most poker sites in player count.

A new player has the first deposit matched up to $600. After this bonus there are other opportunities throughout the year for extra money. One easy way to get extra money is to refer friends to the site. When the referred player makes a cash deposit the referral money is earned. One thing about bonus money is this, the player should read the rules about bonus money and make sure they understand the rules that free this money up.

Poker Play

Full games are routine at Poker Stars since they have so many players online. New games are filled and stay that way. This is a players site that is for sure. Full games are constant and that is the first sign of a best poker site. Not only are there players, but there are numerous games to choose between. There is a game for every player that opens an account and then funds the account. Players play for practice on the free play part of the site to learn the games better with out risking any money.

Tournament poker players will see a flow of tournaments that are listed in the scheduled games. The range of prizes and entry fees allows most player to compete in tournaments. For those that want big prizes in a tournament, there are many that offer the winner a life changing amount if they win. Currently two huge prize games are featured on the site. The prizes are in excess of One Million Dollars or more. There are others with prizes close to $100,000.

The cash games are found in many poker genres, limits and buy ins. The wait to get in a current cash game is rarely very long. The higher the limit or NO Limit the better players will fill up these tables and players should be aware they are stepping into games that are tougher to beat.

Customer Support

The support is available 24/7 and is usually very efficient, as the staff is very well trained and ready to answer most questions. Do not hesitate to ask questions that are of a concern to you as that is what this service is all about. The answers are rarely long in coming as the staff knows how to answer the basic questions or where to go to get other answers.


Poker Stars is one of the largest sites on the Internet. Their player stats are mind boggling in size and the fact that the numbers stay consistently large. There is rarely a problem keeping games full when players leave the table. New games get up to speed all the time. There is little wait time on this busy site. This is critical to a good poker site that wants players happy. The tournament schedule is full of games that range in prizes and entry fees. Some of the prizes are in the higher thousands of dollars. There is not only this wide range of games, but a huge number of tournaments. The fact is this site attracts more players than just about any other poker site. The player profiles on this site cover novices to true poker experts and they can be found at the same tables. One thing is the players at this site will never know who will be sitting in for a hand or two.

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