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Review of Red Kings Poker

Review of Red Kings PokerRed Kings Poker allows a first time player to choose from six different deposit bonus programs. After picking the choice they want, the new player makes the deposit by the method they have picked. In addition to this the site has special bad beat promotion that pays $300 to a player that loses the pot while holding two red kings. Red Kings has full poker selection to choose from which includes Holdem, cash games and tournaments. There are also Limit, No Limit and Freeroll games Red Kings also has a number of casino games that their visiting players can enjoy and maybe increase their betting stake. For what it is worth, this site is not just another poker room on the Internet.

Poker Play

Player comfort and the level of poker played go hand in hand, so Red Kings gives the player as many choices of poker games that they could ever want. The choices cover a wide range of limits, entry fees, No Limit games or Freerolls. Playing outside of a comfort level in poker is a recipe for losing as this situation makes a player make bad decisions. Playing within the comfort level is smart play and allows a player to quit worrying about money and concentrate on the game.

Red Kings schedules a number of tournaments with different prizes and entry fees that are in line with the prizes offered. As with best poker sites the higher the limit or entry fee the better level of skill you going to be playing against. Better players make fewer bad calls or bad plays. They do bluff, but they pick their spots to pull off the bluff. Playing at a level that meets your stake requirements will lead to better play and less money worry. New players should slowly move up the ladder when playing poker as each rise is going to make the games tougher to play in and harder to win at. The rule is simple, the higher the limit, the better the players are likely to be.

Red Kings is an interesting Poker site with an ambiance that makes playing poker fun and a very enjoyable experience. The great game list makes the site worth trying as there is a game for just about every poker player. Limit games and No Limit games are scheduled in decent numbers.

Customer Support

Customer Support is available 24/7 via email or Live Chat. The professional staff is well trained and can answer most questions. Complex questions should be done by email as the explanation of what is needed may be easier to understand. Simple questions can be answered using Live Chat. If the question has to do with deposits and withdrawals, the player would be wise to read the rules on these two operations. Each site has its own set of rules and one site is likely to very different than another.


Red Kings while not well known, the poker site seems to have more than an adequate number of players online. The games stay full and new ones are rarely delayed. The tournaments have modest prizes. However there are enough tourmaments that players can get their fill of tournament play. There is a huge selection of csh games with various limits and buy ins. The site has a number of promotions that are unique to the site and are not found elsewhere. The beaten pair of Red Kings promotion is one such unique deal. This site has a sort of hidden treasure atmosphere as the site is different from other online poker sites.

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