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Texas Holdem RulesTexas Holdem poker has become an absolute winner in live casinos and certainly online as this one game is the catalyst that started the poker revolution that is sweeping poker rooms and online poker sites. The game is relatively simple in that each player is dealt two cards face down, which is followed by a wagering round. When this betting is completed the deal deals three cards face up in the middle of the table. These cards are common to every players hand. When the last of the three is dealt, another betting round ensues. The fourth card is then dealt face up with the three that are in the center of the table. A round of betting is completed after this card called the Turn Card is dealt. The final card is deal now called the River and a round of betting is completed. The player with the best hand using the two in hand and the five card flop is the winner of the pot. The betting can be a limit game or the favorite of many players, Texas Holdem No Limit. The game can be played as a cash game or as a tournament. Tournament play is extremely popular online at poker rooms.

The betting can be a bet, a raise, a call or fold. The betting is done in sequence just like it is in any other poker game. This game looks simple to play, but as Doyle Brunson says, "It is easy to play, but takes a life time to master". It is the nuances and the subtleties that make the game captivating and captures players for the duration of their poker playing days. Tournament play is all about lasting to the final table and then trying to win once there. Many players were attracted to the game after watching the tournaments on TV or viewing live games on a computer poker site. There are so many elements to learn to become a serious Holdem player, like how to bet or play a small pair or how to get maximum value when dealt a pair of aces in the pocket. When to raise, when to fold, when to sandbag and when to check raise. All of these elements are covered in a number of good books written by professionals that really get into the fine points of playing Holdem and winning. Check out any good book store or any poker site to get quality information about how to play.

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