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USA Poker Web SitesSites that accept USA players are in the minority of online poker sites. The following list is just a few that currently accept players from the US. These include Ultimate Bet Poker, Full Tilt poker, Bodog poker and Sportsbook poker. Unfortunately many of the excellent UK poker sites are not available for US players. The sites that accept USA players have found ways for US players to fund their account. The USA player can use a Walmart Money Card that can be purchased at any store and funded at the store with cash or a credit card. Since the Walmart Card is not bank issued many sites will accept them for a deposit method. A player can also do a wire transfer or use a prepaid phone card to fund an account.

Most of the USA sites are very interested in acquiring new players so they use matching bonuses on the first deposit and on some sites even on further deposits. This makes it attractive for players to try the site with a combination of their own money and the sites money. These bonuses can range from $100 up to $600 or more. Each site has withdrawal rules that must be met before the bonus money can be sent out to the player. Some of the listed sites have a large group of professional players that play on the site and are there to answer poker questions and give seminars on improving a players game.

However some of the sites do not have the impeccable record that the UK big sites have enjoyed for years. As far as this writer knows, there has not been a scandal involving the big UK sites. That is not true of some of the big names that accept US players. This is another bummer that the US politicians have put upon the US poker player.

For those of you that like tournaments, there are US sites that offer great tournament schedules. Full Tilt has this plus some very big high roller games online. You can get an ideas of which pros play where online by looking at the logos on the their shirts and hats during a TV tournament. Most of those sites get a lot of play so full games are not a problem on these sites. Finding sites to play on is not the problem, finding sites that meet most of the players desires is not as easy as it sounds, so find one that meets most of the desires.

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