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Winning Strategy at Online Poker

Winning Strategy at Online PokerTo win at online poker, the player must play with skill, a strategy that is experience related and have a little luck. Winning is all about starting the hand by only playing good starting hands or occasionally playing small suited connectors. By playing solid starting hands, the other players will begin to give you credit for not playing garbage, but that is a great image, due to the fact that you can now an then play a weak hand like suited connectors. By moving your play from very conservative to taking a flyer, the other players will probably give you credit for a good starting hand. Having a conservative image is not a bad way to appear in both cash games and tournaments.

Sandbagging good hands and bluffing occasionally is a good way to play as this traps other players and getting caught on a bluff is not bad either as the players will be more likely to call you on a raise. Many good players bluff early and if they get caught, they have the table set up to try to catch another bluff. When to raise or just to call depends on table position and the hand currently held. Sometimes being patient will get more money in the pot than raising on a good hand. Of course the danger is that sometimes the patient player lets another player catch up and win the pot. This is a matter of personal preference in playing a very good hand.

Watch how other players react to the flop when playing Holdem as many players have tells when the flop is dealt. You can see the eyes widen or the nervous energy become more active with the chips. Of course online this is not available and the play of the hand is the only way other players can evaluate what the better is holding or not holding. Unfortunately the players online cannot see body language or a throbbing vein in the neck. These physical tells are part of a live game and missing entirely in an online game.

Change the way you play your hands several times during a long session as this makes it harder for other players to evaluate your hand by the way you are making your wagers. Being predictable in poker is not always the way to play the game by any good player. It never hurts to play slow and speed up or play fast and slow down.

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